What do you want to wear? Coat racks by capacity

If you specifically consider a coat stand, pay attention to the number of pieces that can be hung!

It is best to have a size that fits where you want to store the outerwear, but the number of pieces that can be hung is also important. As for the outerwear that matches the weather and the time of day, it is said that people who don't have as many as 1-3, and those who have more than 5-7. If you can put the outer storage at the entrance, it will be easy to choose according to the weather and mood of the day, making it perfect for busy mornings. And if you have a coat rack that you can easily put in your entryway or living room while fulfilling your wishes such as "I want to be able to easily put it on at any time" or "I want to take it off and hang it as soon as I get home". It is good, is not it? We will introduce three easy-to-use coat racks recommended for this season by capacity!

Free-standing twin coat stand that can store outerwear for the whole family

The twin coat stand has 8 hooks to hold the outerwear of the whole family. You can divide outerwear with different lengths into high and low poles, or you can use the high poles for adults and the low poles for children's coat racks. The point is that the eight hooks can be turned one by one, so it is difficult for the outerwear to overlap.
The hook, pole, and base are all machined from solid wood, and the base holds a weight of 6 kg, so it can stand on its own. It is a durable product that can be used for a long time without moving even if you put outerwear or accessories on it.
  • 8th place
    can be hung
  • adults too
    children too
    can be used

The direction of the hook can be changed one by one.
Since there is a "scraping", it is difficult for the hung items to slip off.

A dress rack with a width that you can choose according to the number of sheets you want to hang.

The dress rack, which is usually used to store clothes, can be changed to a compact size and has a natural texture that fits easily into the space, so it can also be used as a coat rack at the entrance. If you want to hang your outerwear loosely, about 15cm to 20cm per coat, and about 30cm for down coats, it is recommended that you have enough space for each coat. It becomes difficult to get up. The dress rack can be selected according to the number of pieces that can be hung, but if you want to hang the outerwear for 1 to 2 people, the 65 cm wide dress rack and the outerwear for 1 to 3 people are recommended for the 3 sizes that are particularly popular. A dress rack with a width of 75.5 cm is recommended for hanging, and a dress rack with a width of 104.5 cm (wide) is recommended for two or more people. The width can be expanded up to 124.4cm, so you can comfortably hang about 6 coats or 3-4 down coats. In addition to hanging coats at the entrance, it is also recommended for storing outerwear during the off-season.
The 75.5 cm wide dress rack and the 104.5 cm wide dress rack (wide) can be delivered immediately after ordering, so we recommend it to those who want to start using outerwear storage as soon as possible.

*Assuming that you can hang it comfortably, the number of sheets is calculated assuming that there is a space of 15cm for one coat and 30cm for one down coat.

A dress rack is a convenient item that can be used not only as a coat rack but also as a storage for clothes. There is also a dress rack (small) that children can reach. You can also see the dress rack here!
It's more fun if you choose clothes and store them to show! dress rack

  • Options can be used *Some sizes only
  • folding
    I can do it
  • with additional processing
    Caster too
    can be put on
  • 5 different colors
    can choose

A slim and lightweight tree rack that can be hung just a little and is easy to move.

The tree rack features staggered hooks that look like branches, and is very slim yet has just the right amount of storage. Although it is made of solid wood, it weighs only 1.2 kg, and each hook attached by hand is extremely durable. The installation is space-saving, so it is recommended for those who want a coat rack for themselves or those who live alone or for two people. It is also popular as a gift for those who have started living alone because of its ease of use. In addition to storing outerwear, it is a design that makes it difficult to choose where to use it, such as hanging aprons and mittens in the kitchen, and hanging coats for children in the children's room. The tree rack is an easy-to-use coat rack, so it is an item that you should definitely try.

  • 4th place
    can be hung
  • very light weight
    Easy to move
  • of silicon rubber
    Non - slip

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What do you want to wear? Coat racks by capacity

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